GreenGrade Solutions was established in 2011, as we realised that many attempts to effectively oversee and monitor supply chains fall short of expectations. Despite billions of dollars that were invested in compliance and audit schemes, workers still died in needless fire accidents; factory owners still managed to get away with false documents, underage labour and workers’ discrimination. In emerging economies, where many factories have been pouring out millions of garments at cheap prices, the lack of environmental awareness has been rife and evident. This situation is untenable as much as it is preventable, all the more so when the reputational risk for multinationals is greater than ever. Social network campaigns and negative headlines can irreversibly damage companies in a matter of hours.

After three years of trials and pilot programmes in factories across China, Egypt, and Bangladesh, GreenGrade has introduced an end-to-end approach for a better, responsible, and transparent supply chain. We have streamlined and simplified the compliance management process for suppliers. We have developed remediation solutions, ranging from consulting and GAP assessment to factory-wide training and awareness programmes. We use investigative techniques in the course of our work, which help us to quickly ascertain and identify the root causes for ethical failures and to suggest a corrective course of action.

The GreenGrade team has high success rates and a loyal client base. We attribute our achievements to a simple home truth: a change for the better can only be reached through a shared conviction. When factories act responsibly, they get more orders; when suppliers are proactive, they make more sales. GreenGrade has proved this time and again – contact us, and we will demonstrate this to you as well.

    Our key objectives:
  • Building capacity by ethically committed workplaces
  • Improving workers’ safety and well-being
  • Bringing tangible value across the supply chain