What we do

We have developed several training modules for factory staff and workers. The modules focus on various subjects such as compliance, hygiene and safety, collective bargaining, and effective communication and negotiation. Currently, GreenGrade is training supervisors at four garment factories (three in Bangladesh and one in Cambodia) on various aspects of compliance, health and safety. Post training, the supervisors are then required to pass on their newly acquired knowledge to the workers.

    This downstream feed of knowledge from supervisors to workers leads to:
  • A rise in compliance and safety standards
  • A better flow of in-factory information and improved communications with workers

How we do it

We use accelerated learning techniques (such as simulations, role play, scenarios) to make the subject more accessible.

The course is delivered through a combination of in-class and online sessions and is based on standardised syllabus.

All supervisors sit an exam at the end of the course which is delivered through an online assessment tool developed by GreenGrade; Certificate of Achievement is awarded to successful students, valid for 6 months.

One of the GreenGrade training programme’s results: