Stuart Peters: 'GreenGrade provides us a greater visibility into our supplier base'

The main benefit that GreenGrade adds to our business is a greater visibility into our supply base and faster problem solving. We receive weekly reports which highlight the main issues with our factories and this helps us with our forward planning. (Read More)

In addition to consulting services, GreenGrade has developed a useful online reporting tool which gives us an immediate overview, complete with graphics and colour grading, of our factories’ performance.

We firmly believe in GreenGrade’s methodology and also believe that ethical challenges are complex and many businesses do not have the in-house skills to advise factories, either as owners or customers, and thus need the expertise that GreenGrade possesses.

Jason Peters
Managing Director
Stuart Peters Ltd

Mark H: 'GreenGrade has taken a huge pressure off our production team'

GreenGrade’s team is comprised of qualified compliance experts with a proven track record of resolving ethical issues with factories. We appointed GreenGrade to liaise with our Bangladeshi factory base on all ethical matters, and to advise on the compliance requirements of a new factory. (Read More)

GreenGrade have the necessary knowledge in the labour law of the country and work with our factories year round to try to ensure that we have no compliance surprises when audits are due. This includes assessing the factories’ audit history, performing on-site assessments and communicating with factory management, advising them on the remediation actions that need to be taken to satisfy our customers’ codes of conduct. GreenGrade has built strong rapport with our UK team and taken a huge pressure off them, so that they can focus on technical and production matters.

Mark Harris
Mark H Ltd

Top UK Chain: 'We applaud your efforts to restore the safety standards at one of our factories in Bangladesh'

We were delighted with the work that has been undertaken by your team, which resulted in the implementation of essential fire safety improvements at one of our suppliers' factories in Bangladesh. (Read More)

Following this, the factory has restored its rating and was allowed to resume production for us. The efforts and hard work that has taken place is applauded and we will not hesitate in using this case as an illustration of what can be achieved when all involved are committed and believe in what they are doing. Well done.

(Name withheld)
Global Compliance Manager
UK retail chain
(March 2013)

'GreenGrade is 100% committed, solution focused and result oriented'

Since launching in 1994, the Shezad Group of industries have become one of the leading sweater manufacturers in Bangladesh. In 2011 the management identified an opportunity to significantly expand the sales of our main sweater factory, by exporting our garments to top UK retail chains through a major vendor.

However, in order to meet the strict ethical requirements of new customers, we realised that our in-house compliance practices needed to be checked and updated. Shezad Industries has therefore engaged GreenGrade's services to support a review of our company's code of conduct and to improve the knowledge and skill set of our compliance team. (Read More)

We were highly satisfied with the work performed and the support provided by GreenGrade Solutions.  Their team were flexible and always focused on our needs as a client. They are 100% committed and result oriented. Following our engagement with GreenGrade, we were approved for production by the UK retail customers and have experienced a steady growth ever since.

By bringing their strong remediation experience, GreenGrade Solutions quickly identified the areas for improvement, developed the operational processes, and nurtured our staff’s understanding.

We look forward to working with GreenGrade Solutions in the future as we continue to expand our business.

Javed Shezad
Deputy Managing Director
Shezad Group of Industries
Dhaka, Bangladesh