Learn how We Led a Cambodian factory back to safety

GreenGrade has been tasked to turnaround a 4,000-strong garment factory in Cambodia. The factory is Chinese owned, with complex organisational culture: Chinese expats holding management and supervision positions, with local Khmer workers and line leaders. The factory is comprised of two distinctive product divisions: knitwear and T-shirt/cut and sew.

The main challenge facing management was recurrent compliance violations, especially in the area of health and safety, such as obstructed exit doors, blocked aisles, and lack of first aid equipment. Upon assessment it was discovered that the factory has a high workforce turnover as well as changes in the supervisory makeup. The factory has pressure from high order volume and the workers have varying degree of exposure to health and safety knowledge. Most of the supervisors have no formal training or understanding of compliance. What did we do? Press here for more info...

This Cambodia factory has implemented a series of self-improving safety measures